Alquiler camioneta Huaraz

Andes Renta Car Huaraz

Andes Renta Car Huaraz E.I.R.L. empresa especialista en alquier de camionetas (pick-up) 4x4 para la mineria y turismo, con mas de 10 años en Huaraz- Ancash.

 Huandoy and Huascaran Glaciers, Ulta valley

Service includes:

  • Pick up, double cab. Mitsubishi o Toyota (04 four passengers).

  • Security equipment (airbags, internal roll cage)

  • Driver, 12 hours per day.

  • 220 k per day  (accumulated).

  • SOAT (peruvian insurance), car and passangers insurance .

  • Oxygen bottle.

Auquiscocha lake

Enjoy of the marvelous destines that Ancash offers you traveling in one of our pick up car.

  • Callejón de Huaylas:  Recuay, Huaraz, Carhuaz, Yungay, Caraz y Huallanca (Cañón del Pato).
  • Callejón de Conchucos and their numerous towns: Chavin, San Marcos, Huari, San Luis, Chacas, Piscobamba, Pomabamba, Sihuas.
  • National Huascarán park: 340,000 hectare of  Glaciers, lakes, forest and valleys.
  •  Valleys: Ishinca, Ulta, Honda, Cojup, Quilcayhuanca, etc.
  • Pastoruri glacier,.
  • Puya Raimondi.
  • Archaeological rest of Chavín de Huántar.
  • Chiquián "Espejito del Cielo"
  • Beaches in Chimbote and Huarmey (Tortugas, Las Aldas, Tuquillo, etc).

          Puyas Raimondi.

"The generous" Huaraz city, capital of Ancash Region and capital of international friendship. Is one of the main touristic places of the Peruvian Andes. Is located in the hearth of Andes, approximately 408 k north of Lima, capital of Perú

The valley is know as "Callejon de Huaylas" is between the Black and White Cordillera (mountains).

We offer take you to the place you want to visit. With security, punctuality and efficiency. We assure optimal conditions of our vehicles through regular maintenance of them in authorized repair shops

We will choose a driver who knows your destine and have experience in your route.


Do not Includes:

  • Fuel (The vehicule is given full tank and the customer have to return same way)

  • Motorway tolls, garage and  driver travel allowance (if you leave Huaraz) .

LLanganuco Lake

One day trip

 Lakes: Parón, LLanganuco, Llaca, Churup, Querococha, Conococha, etc.

 Archaeological rest: Chavín de Huántar "Cabezas Clavas".

Decide now, you wont disappoint of renting one of our pick ups.

Please contact us, indicating the route, days, and extras. We will solve your consult and send you a cost estimation.

Tuquillo beach (Huarmey).

Cordillera Blanca, South and north Huascarán,  Huandoy view from Cordillera Negra. 

Glaciers, from left to right :North and south Akilpo and Rinconada.